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Mike Carmody now with Passed Tense
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Mike Carmody, CFA, FSA, MAAA is known for Just Actuarial Material (JAM) and his sold out seminars for specific Society of Actuaries (SOA) essay exams, including exams on Financial Economics Theory and Engineering. JAM materials have helped thousands of people pass some of the hardest financial exams. Just Actuarial Material was founded in 1998 and continued through 2007, when Mike decided to shift his focus due to changes in the SOA exam structure.

Mike is now pleased to offer study instruction for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Exam through his new company, Passed Tense. Passed Tense has the same high quality, easy-to-understand teaching as the JAM materials combined with the powerful Adapt exam engine created by Coaching Actuaries.

Who is the Instructor?Mike Carmody, CFA, FSA, MAAA

Mike Carmody, CFA, FSA, MAAA, has been helping people like you pass some of the hardest financial exams since 1998. Mike's former company - Study Jam - specialized in the investment-related actuarial exams, which covers material like that on the CFA exams. Mike's new company, Passed Tense, is now ready to help you be prepared for the CFA Level I Exam.

Mike is an accomplished serial entrepreneur and has started a consulting practice, an investment advisory company, and a number of innovative ventures involving annuities. But Mike's passion is teaching, which you'll clearly see in the Passed Tense CFA videos.

We invite you to test out Mike’s experience by watching any of our videos during our 7 day free trial.

Mike Carmody